GOOD NOOD is a company based in Montreal offering packaging design services!



Tailor-made packaging design.
Packaging improvement suggestions.

Visual presentation strategies.


Recommendations of materials and suppliers. Manufacturing ready to send files.

 Follow-up of manufacturing Canada / US / Asia.


Overall cost reduction

through extensive knowledge of the mechanism

 of industrial production.

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About Us


    Every professional realizes the tremendous impact of the visual aspect of a product on their customer’s commitment.
   That's why GOOD NOOD helps you to :
   o  Stand out and distinguish your company by your packaging design.
   o  Improve comprehension and knowledge of the benefits associated to your product/service.
   o  Industrialize your final project.


    Rebecca Van Der Mije is a senior industrial designer and project manager. She founded the company GOOD NOOD in 2015 to help food companies to develop tailor-made packagings.

    Well known for her honesty, creativity and her extensive comprehension of marketing and commercial issues, she uses her expertise and design finesse to improve your sales and the overall experience of your customers.

    Having collaborated on over 1000 projects for L'Oréal Canada, Cirque du soleil, Revlon, Marcelle, Molson, CCM, Sony, Saputo, Rebecca and her team are qualified to help you meet your challenges of packagings.


    ''Rebecca est extraordinaire et d'un professionnalisme incroyable. C'est une personne qui possède de très grandes richesses et qui sait les mettre au service de ses clients. Au delà du travail, échanger avec elle devient un réel plaisir. Le match parfait pour donner vie à ma créativité'' Julien Reignier, President & CEO at Point G.

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GOOD NOOD Design & Conception

GOOD NOOD is based in Montreal (Canada)

We offer services in English and in French.

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studio 402, 6545 Avenue Durocher, Montréal, QC, Canada


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